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Screen Across America is a consortium of organizations that provide heart screenings to students. We believe that this should be a standard of care because thousands of children die every year from sudden cardiac arrest. It is the #1 cause of death of student athletes.

As organizations, we operate independently of each other. We are nonprofits and for profits. Some of us charge for heart screenings while others offer them free of charge. Our screening protocols may differ slightly. Many of us have adopted the International Criteria (formerly Seattle Criteria) - a set of guidelines established by international experts in the field of sports cardiology to evaluate the hearts of student athletes. Although most of us do not limit our screenings to athletes. We encourage screenings for all students. 

Which screening model would work best for you? Check out some of the ways we screen. For more information, contact info@screenacrossamerica.org.


Heart for Athletes


Andras Heart
Anthony Bates Foundation


Who We Play For (Pine Bluff)


Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation (El Cajon)
Heartfelt Cardiac Project (Laguna Beach)
SAFE - Student Athlete Fitness Evaluation (Los Angeles)
Via Heart Project (San Francisco)


Heart in the Game (Wilmington)


Athletic Heart (Orlando)
Jessica Clinton MVP Foundation (Port St. Lucie)
Miami Children's Hospital (Miami)
Saving Young Hearts (Orlando)
Who We Play For (Tallahassee)


Straight from the Heart - The Jordan Johnson Foundation (Post Falls)


Giving Hearts a Hand (Indianapolis)
Play for Jake (LaPorte)


Max Schewitz Foundation (Lake Bluff)
Young Hearts for Life (Oakbrook Terrace)


Athletic Testing Solutions (Overbrook Park)


Early Detection Screenings (Lafayette)
Living4Burke Foundation (Prairieville)
Lousiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation (Baton Rouge)


Josh Thibodeau Helping Hearts Foundation
KEVS Foundation (Southhampton)
Youth Heart Watch of Central MA (Auburn)


Healthy Heart Check - Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oaks)
Tommy's Heart (Flushing)
Who We Play For (Sturgis)


Play for Patrick (Eagan)


Safe Sport Scans (Biloxi)

New Jersey

Gregory M. Hirsch Heart Foundation (Hackensack)
Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation (Waldwick)